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The BARRACÃO23 sleeps 8 people in comfort.

Yet, you need to keep in mind how the space is divided and that it is not a traditional home.

This is how it looks like:

  1. It is a volume with a base of 5,5mx11m and a height of ceilings of 4,2m

    • The sitting room has a ceiling of 4,2m high

    • The main bedroom and the bathroom have a ceiling of 2,3m high

    • The loo and the storage room have a ceiling of 1,7m high-The 3 mezzanine bedrooms are 1,4m high

    • 2 of the 3 mezzanine bedrooms are 6m2 and the 3rd one is 4m2

    • to reach the mezzanine bedrooms you need to climb a ladder that shouldn´t be used by children under 6 years old without an adult.

    • the shower has a ceiling of 4,2 m high

    • the main entrance is at the terrace level

    • you will find a kitchenette in the sitting room

  2. The terrace can be used as a sundeck.

The Barracão 23 is furnished and has everything a house needs to function properly as a hoover, a broom, cleaning cloths, towels, sheets, cushions…etc…

The kitchenette is equipped with an induction plate, oven, microwave,  dishwasher, fridge and freezer, toaster, kettle, coffee machine.

You can find all you need to cook and a set of 8 plates,glasses,cutlery….

There is cable TV, internet, WI-FI and a bluetooth speaker.

The powder for the dishwasher is included ( for 2 machines a day).

The detergent for handwashing is also included.

There is a hair dryer

Shampoos, shower gels, soaps are not provided.

We also provide beach towels.



  • Barracão 23 is rented totally

  • It is forbidden to smoke

  • At check-in the house will be delivered clean and ready to use. We expect you return it in the same conditions.

  • Of course we do not expect you to clean the house or to wash the linen but we expect you to leave the house as tidy as possible.

  • The rubbish must be left in the containers on the main street

  • The Barracão is situated on the beach, so it is normal to bring in quite a lot of sand. Therefore there is a bucket next to the window to rinse your feet  before entering the house.

  • At night we usually close the beach's wooden door.  Especially when it's windy.

  • During the day we suggest you lock the doors if you leave the house.

  • You have a shower outside and a tap to rinse your feet.

  • Do not use shampoo or shower gel  in that shower, the water goes straight to the beach.

  • Please be careful with the outdoor shower, the water trickles slowly.

  • The decoration objects in Barracão 23 must be left in their place.

  • On request we can provide cleaning service during your stay. Price to be fixed.

  • This is a holiday location and silence is very important, we ask you to respect the neighbours regarding the noise.

  • It is not allowed to use this place otherwise than for tourist rental.

  • There is a complaint book but also an informal book where you can write a few lines about your stay.



The BARRACÃO23 is 10 minutes  walk from the village centre,

In the village you can find a supermarket called “PINGO DOCE” and on the way a bakery.

In front of the bakery is a medical centre.

20 minutes  walk on the main street opposite the harbour you can find a shop to rent bikes.

In the village you can find restaurants and cafés.

The airport is 10 minutes away by taxi and 5 minutes away form the harbour.

To get to the Barracão you have to go to the little square at the end of a narrow street perpendicular to the main road that goes from the harbour to the village.

To guide the taxi driver you can tell him to go Rua José Diamantino Lima (the name of the main road) and to turn into the narrow street that goes to the beach in front of the furniture shop called Dona Daniela.

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